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Mayakrishnan Prabakaran
Mayakrishnan Prabakaran

Assistant Professor
Konkuk University
South Korea

Biography: The Summer Research Fellowship Programme is jointly sponsored by IASc (Bangalore), INSA (New Delhi) and NASI (Allahabad), (May-July 2011). Received Best Postal Presentation Award in “Improved effects of lifestyle related disease and examples of industrialization using medicinal plant resources, to be held in Korea, from May 13-14th 2014. Title: Profile and Antioxidative Activity of Phenolic Compounds Present in Korean Ginseng (penax ginseng C. A. Meyer) Fruits, Leaves, and Roots as a Function of Cultivation Years. Received Best Postal Presentation Award in “Symposium for medicinal crops industrial promotion and international competitiveness improvement”, to be held in Korea, from October 15th & 16th 2015. Title: Highly efficient Ligularia fischeri green extract for the protection against corrosion of mild steel in acidic medium: Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigation. Received Best Postal Presentation Award in “R & D Stratergy for the utilization of medicinal plants on chronic illnesses”, to be held in Korea, from May 12th & 13th 2016. Title: Evaluation of Green Inhibition Properties of Rhus verniciflua plant extract.

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