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Review Article

A Comprehensive Review on Crop Modification Techniques Using Traditional and Modern Biotechnological Approaches


Nimra Yaseen1, Aaiza Mumtaz1, Muhammad Waqar Mazhar2, *, Muhammad Umair1, Sadia Naseer3

Research Article

Medicinal Plants Used for the Treatment of Common Parasitic Diseases by Traditional Practitioners in Kabul City, Afghanistan


Rabia Ayoubi1, *, Amir Kabir Raufi2, Bashir Ahmad Bashir3, Hadiqa Nowrozi4

Research Article

Edible Medicinal Plants of Mediterranean Region and Consumer Behavior


Saadet Tuğrul Ay¹, *, Asaf Özalp¹, Ladin Ay2

Review Article

Review on Phytochemistry, Medicinal Properties, and Toxicities of the Genus Musa


Tesfa Begashaw1, Abebe Dagne2, Desalegn Yibeltal2, *

Research Article

Positive Effects of ‘AUM’ Chanting on Mental Health Well-Being


Anubha Pundir1, *, Akshya Chauhan2

Research Article

In Vitro Establishment, Hydroponic, Salt Tolerance, Antifungal and Phytochemical Investigations in Important Sand Binder Medicinal Plant Ipomoea pes-caprae


Shamshad Ahmad Khan1*, Sara Rashed Salem Al Faraji 1, Mira Said Hamed Almukhaini1, Ayaz Mohd 1, Farrukh Jamal2, Samuel S D Premkumar3 and Priyanka Verma4

Research Article

Acupuncture Modulation with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency Patches


Jevdic A, Jevdic D, Brasovan N, Brasovan S*

Research Article

Prevalence of Gastroduodenal Disease with Helicobacter Pylori in the Region of Tiaret, Algeria


Souhila Tabak1*, Mohamed Djamel Miara1, Hamdi Bendif2, Luca A. Vitali3

Research Article

Inhibitory Effect of Rhei Rhizoma Constituents on the Cortisol Production in ACTH-Stimulated Bovine Adrenal Fasciculata Cells


Naoko Kuwabara1, 2, Yukiko Matsuo3, Tsuyoshi Ueki2, Yuki Nakamura3, Nanami Kase3

Opinion Article

Medication Assisted Treatment Protocol


David Michael Mathis

Research Article

The Antifungal Activity and Phytochemical Screening of a Traditional South American Remedy: Kyllinga vaginata Against Fusarium graminearum


Maria E. Blanc R1, Aurélie Apatout2, Audrey Vingadassalon2, Bonifacia Benitez1, Miguel Martinez1, Ana M. Gonzalez3

Research Article

Comprehension and Response in Face of Covid-19 from the Ancestral Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas


Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Munoz*, Marcelo Eduardo Zaiduni Salazar

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