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Mustafa Sevindik
Mustafa Sevindik

Assistant Professor
Osmaniye Korkut Ata University

Biography: Asst. Professor. Dr. Mustafa SEVINDIK graduated from Gaziantep University, Department of Biology with honorary degree. Gaziantep University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Biology graduate education. Then he studied PhD at the Biology Department of the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences, Akdeniz University. More than 50 international and national publications are available. There are 70 international and 10 national notifications. There is a section author in 2 international book. He served on the scientific and organization committee of 10 international congresses. He is the editorial board member of 15 national and international journals. He research interests are Fungal Systematics, Fungal Biotechnology, Medicinal Plants, Environmental Pollution, Medical Mushrooms, Aeromycology, Plant Diseases, Medical Antimicrobials Antioxidants, Experimental Animal and Fungi Breeding.

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