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2022: Volume 3, Issue 2

Acupuncture Modulation with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency Patches

Jevdic A, Jevdic D, Brasovan N, Brasovan S*

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, St. Mary Medical Center, Indiana, USA

*Corresponding author: Brasovan Srbislav, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 502 Wall Street, Valparaiso, Emeritus, St. Mary Medical Center, Indiana, USA. Tel: (219) 738 2742. Fax: (219) 777 3102. Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Received: Aug 23, 2022 Published: Nov 16, 2022

Citation: Brasovan S, et al. (2022). Acupuncture Modulation with Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency 2 Patches. Traditional Medicine. 3(2):13.

Copyright: Brasovan S, et al. © (2022). 


This article presents the supportive acupuncture concept by applying Extremely Low Electro Magnetic Frequency (ELEMF) patches to the acupuncture points after the needling of acupuncture. We attempt to show needle acupuncture's extended benefits by adding ELEMF patches. Patches utilize passive ELEMF energy and can be worn for a week without any changes. We support the view that shows a strict correlation between connective tissue of fascia and acupuncture channels (meridians) and acupuncture points and connective tissue’s role in transmitting Qi energy and connecting Qi with ELEMF. Using electromagnetic frequency in acupuncture is not new. However, using patches without an active electric supply that can emit ELEMF is a novel approach.

Keywords: Acupuncture, ELEMF, Patches, Pain Management


This was a non-invasive, minimal-risk research study and qualified for exemption from the Institution Review Board (IRB) review. Informed consent was obtained from the participants.

The patches used are Tuning Element ELEMF 5-Minute Relief Patches. They are silicon-based, a minimal amount of metal salt-infused, 3x3 cm in diameter, and embedded (tuned) with ELEMF. They have no electrical supply and use human biofield to be activated—skin functions as a capacitor. Patches are for sale on the internet and at selected physicians’ offices, pharmacies, and stores in the US and abroad. They are available over the counter without a prescription. They are FDA registered as a class 1 medical device

Acupuncture was done utilizing standard needle acupuncture techniques.

Pain assessment was done by using the Won-Backer pain scale.

This study was done as a double-blind pilot study. Patients were randomly divided into two groups.

Group 1: Ten patients undergoing acupuncture for the pain will have ELEMF tuned patches applied to the significant acupuncture points used in this procedure after the needling is completed.

Group 2: Ten patients undergoing acupuncture for the pain will have not tuned patches (placebo) applied to the significant acupuncture points used in this procedure after the needling was completed.

Participants were not aware of what kind of patches they received.

All the participants received a Won-Backer assessment scale to fill out daily for seven days.

The study lasted for one week. After statistical analysis, the results are shown in the following graphs:

Group 1 Before Treatment: count = 10; minimum = 3; maximum = 6; mean = 4; sum = 41; mode = 4; standard dev. = 0 Group 1 After Treatment + Relief Patch + 7 Days: count = 10; minimum = 1; maximum = 4; mean = 2; sum = 22; mode = 2; standard dev. = 0

Group 2 (Placebo) Before Treatment: count = 10; minimum = 1; maximum = 4; mean = 2; sum = 26; mode = 2; standard dev. = 0.0 =”red” Group 2 (Placebo) After Treatment + Placebo Patch + 7 Days: count = 10; minimum = 0; maximum = 5; mean = 2; sum = 26; modes = 2; standard dev. = 1.0 =”green”

In Group 1, the effect of 5MRP showed a distinct significant statistical difference with the prolonged impact of pain modulation during the seven days after acupuncture, compared with Group 2, where no long effects on pain modulation were observed using placebo patches.


It is time to revisit current mainstream medical and scientific thinking about the functions of the cells and the body itself. Essential cell reactions are not as biochemical as we thought, and we still believe in mainstream science. Still, before any chemical reaction occurs, changes in electromagnetic fields of the molecules and the atoms of our body appear and create the possibility for a chemical reaction to occur. We are talking about an entirely new paradigm in medicine and the science of cellular biology. 1 All those changes occur utilizing the concept of quantum physics. That suggests life depends on reactions in the mysterious quantum world of atoms and their particles. The medical knowledge systems originated five thousand years before Plank introduced the concept of quantum physics. Those ancient medical systems had a similar view of the human biological processes, namely life energy disbalance causing diseases. It is time that we consider revisiting old medical designs of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Energy Healing, and like, to be viewed with the principle of quantum physics, bringing all this into the new paradigm of quantum medicine. This may give us a possibility to unite all the medical fields and get it all under one umbrella, not having Allopathic, Holistic, Alternative, Integrative, Chinese Medicine, and whatever other name we have in medical science, thus creating one united art of healing, bringing the medical field back to the form of an art rather than industry, to look at the human body as a human person, not viewing them as a statistical data or just a computerized bar code of the medical record.

Acupuncture is a medical art known in Chinese culture for more than two thousand years. It has been researched in Western Medicine and published in numerous articles of peer review journals and medical textbooks. Acupuncture courses are taught in many medical schools in the United States.

Qi energy is described as the energy of life. Acupuncture “needling” stimulates and balances the flow of Qi and facilitates our physiological harmony. The best explanation of Qi we can find in Understanding Qigong a… DVD series by Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang. He states: “Chinese character 73 writing Qi was written in two parts.

The upper part translates as steam (air or oxygen), and the lower part, 米, is cooking rice (food or glucose), so food + air = energy is a primary medical formula for metabolism (glucose + oxygen = energy + water + carbon dioxide).”

Numerous writings were published pointing to myofascial conductivity to electromagnetic impulses. Finally, in March 2017, an article appeared in Scientific Reports, an online peerreview journal describing the “new organ” fascia. The University of Vermont School, Helene M. Langevin, states: “We found an 80% correspondence between the sites of acupuncture points and the location of inter-muscular or intramuscular connective tissue planes in postmortem tissue sections. We propose that the anatomical relationship of acupuncture points and meridians to connective tissue planes is relevant to acupuncture’s mechanism of action and suggests a potentially important integrative role for interstitial connective tissue [2].”

“Qi as intelligent metabolism becomes a vast subject. The science of metabolism is immense, covering large swathes of biochemistry and physiology…but microscopic anatomy what. Acupuncture and fascial Qi theory combine these two to allow form and function to follow each other. It is like a new branch of medicine, apart from the fact that it is not – we are just rediscovering the oldest medicine in existence [3]”

So what makes fascia so unique? Current medical science does not investigate below the molecular level. Before any biochemical changes, electromagnetic changes occur and facilitate the biochemical reaction. In 1957 Albert Szent – Gyorgyi, considered the father of modern biochemistry and Nobel laureate, pointed out that molecules do not have to touch each other to interreact, contrary to that time’s scientific beliefs. He was the first to point out that molecular interaction occurs from “one of the functions of protoplasmic structures [cytosceleton and nuclear matrix] may be to generate in water those specific structures which make forms of electron excitation and energy transmission possible, which will be impossible outside of this structure [4].”

All molecules oscillate or vibrate, resulting from the emission of the electromagnetic field. It is well-accepted that piezoelectricity is produced by myofascial and connective tissue. “The therapeutic and physiological importance of the piezoelectric and other solid-state electronic properties of tissues is that they provide a framework for understanding how the body adapts to the ways it is used... The connective tissue fabric is a semiconducting communication network that conducts bioelectronic signals between every part of the body... Optimal health can be visualized as arising from optimizing all of these communications [5]” When electrons in a molecule vibrate, they produce an electromagnetic field that may resonate with neighboring atoms. In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to vibrate with greater amplitude at some frequency than the other. Suppose the other molecule is distant but has the same resonant frequency; the vibration of the first can be transferred faster than a nanosecond to the other one. In Quantum Field Theory (QFT), “… there are no particles; there are only fields and field quanta … everything is fields; … reality consists only of fields and interactions between fields [6].”

Resonant electromagnetic interaction within and between living systems has been measured utilizing the Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) [7]. A Bio-Well camera can elegantly measure the electromagnetic field in living organisms known as Biofield [8]. Since no standard measurement is accepted in quantum medicine and those above-mentioned possible measurements are highly economical, we proposed acceptance of standardization of measurements utilizing RRM and Bio-Well camera [9].

5 Minuter Relief Patches have been stuydied10 and proved to be practical support in pain management using ELEMF [11,12]. We agree with Osman’s concept of a biophysical basis for acupuncture [13, 14]. With that in mind, ELEMF patches are an ideal adjunct to acupuncture treatment, expending continuous stimulation of the acupuncture points for days after the therapy, thus facilitating better outcomes for pain management. Perfect solution for combating the opioid crisis.


In this pilot study, we compared the length of acupuncture effectiveness by utilizing 5MRP (ELEMF) patches versus placebo patches as an adjunct to the acupuncture treatment of the pain. The results showed a significant difference in prolonging the effectiveness of acupuncture by adding 5MRP in post-acupuncture treatment compared to the placebo group, which showed no additional benefit.

This study encourages us to investigate this type of nanotechnology to support and treat various pathophysiological complexes utilizing acupuncture and patches with different wavelengths and blends of ELEMF.



Aleksandar Jevtic, MD, and Dragan Jevdic MD, Ph.D.; Acupuncture Center for the Spine and Joint, Vrsac, Serbia.

Nicholas Brasovan, Ph.D.; Computer Science; UCA, Conway, AR.

Srbislav Brasovan, M.D.; F.A.C.O.G; Bio-Resonance Applied Systems, LLC, Valparaiso, IN.


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